Saturday, August 31, 2013

Swarovski space bar and rainbow color bracelet

I have not done beading for a while and attracted by Swarovski elements crystal beads recently. I started to look for video tutorials and found this one - "space bar and color wheel bracelet" on Auntie's Beads site. The tutorial explained very well and it seams easy for me to do. So, here is the bracelet I made:

I only used 11 colors of Swarovski bicone beads (instead of 12 colors in the video) because my wrist is smaller and the length of 11 colors fit me perfectly. Here is another photo of the bracelet:

These bicone beads and space bars are so sparkle and the triangle style is very trendy as well. Here is the look when you open the bracelet:

You can see all of the colors on the above photo. Below is another photo to show the cool side of colors:

The blue & purple looks very elegant. Below is the photo to show the warm side of colors:

These red/pink/orange colors look very yummy. I cannot wait to wear my hand-made bracelet.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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